December 2022

Legionnaire Korey Zigler's motorcycle club (the Immortal Knights Public Safety Motorcycle Club) rented the Post at the standard rate of $25 an hour. During the January meeting a unanimous vote of returning the money was made. Then in an unexpected turn - Korey returned the money as a donation. Regardless of the donation back, the unanimous vote was cast because of what Korey does for the Post and not just because IKPSMC is a club he is a member of. The Post is for rent by anyone at a rate of $25 an hour. This is the website for it:

Bob Brands, Ken Petersen, Jim Prombo, Larry Saling and Garry Seaman marched in Morrison's Christmas Walk as the Color Guard in frigid temps.

Monthly meeting on the 12th @ 6:00 PM with 11 Legionnaires present. As a reminder to all 328 Legionnaires - We have our Veterans Dinner at six PM in November and then December, January, February and March meetings are at six. It has been this way for over two years. We had to postpone the meeting an hour so we could accumulate a quorum.

Bob Brands, Jerry Brearton, Terry Jones, Ken Petersen, Garry Seaman and Larry Zuidema presented the colors at the Wreaths Across America ceremony in Albany at Lusk Cemetery. Carolyn played taps. It was also a frigid day.

The Honor Guard / Color Guard performed twenty events this year which included: 2 Funerals in Fulton, 1 Funeral in Sterling, 1 Funeral in Garden Plain and 7 Funerals at Grove Hill. It is worth noting that Bob Brands (the oldest Legionnaire of our detail) and Ken Petersen were at every event in 2022. Regardless of whether someone was at twenty or three - all is appreciated and ALL is the least that can be done for a falling veteran or other veteran related event. Many events are on Fridays, Saturdays or National Holidays; so if you are off of work, your time is sought.

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November 2022

Veterans Day at 11:00 the Honor Guard performed at the annual Veterans Day event (ALWAYS at 11:00 on 11/11) after a few brief words by the Sergeant-at-Arms along with reading a newspaper article about the same type of event on Main and Genesee St (circa 1970). Following that; several veterans joined the Milk House Gang for some tacos and chili and camaraderie.

On Thursday the 10th Morrison High School hosted area veterans for an event along with a meal provided by the FFA and some veterans speaking at various classes.

Annual Veterans (Member) Dinner was held at the Post in lieu of our November meeting. Of the RSVPs we had six no shows which is disappointing because we pay for the meals we reserve. The delicious meal was catered by Fulton Meat Locker and they did a great job, if you have a need to utilize them, you will not be disappointed. We welcomed our newest member Private Corrine Carroll of the 661st Engineer Company.

Members that were there enjoyed an evening of camaraderie and military stories. Our newest member Corrine Carroll won the 50/50 raffle.

The Honor Guard performed a funeral in Fulton on Friday the 18th in the frigid cold. Eight members performed.

The Post was rented on the 20th of November with a $100 profit. The Post is rentable at a very reasonable rate. Please visit

Please remember that starting with our Annual Veterans (Member) Dinner and going through March that our monthly meetings are at 6 vice 7 (3rd year of this, for those counting)

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October 2022

Monthly regular meeting held on the 10th with 12 members present. Following the meeting we had some brownies to go along with some left over ice cream from our ice cream social.

Funeral Honors were performed for Don Smith. Eight Honor Guard performing and Carolyn playing taps.

Celebration of Life for Past Commander Dale Usterbowski at the Post and Funeral Honors performed with ten Honor Guard performing and Carolyn playing taps.

Funeral Honors were performed for Evelyn Raney. Seven Honor Guard performing and Carolyn playing taps.

Please remember and attend these three events specifically for Veterans but certainly all are invited:

Nov. 10 Veterans Recognition Assembly

5th Grade Veterans Concert And Slideshow November 10

November 11 Service At Grove Hill Cemetery

September 2022

We had a meal prior to our Monthly (last of Summer four (June, July, August & September) on the 12th. Mark Steele brought in some delicious lasagna and french bread, Ken Brainerd brought in some angel hair cheesy stuff he made out at the Milk House. Not sure what it was but it was pretty good. 19 legionnaires were present. The 50/50 raffle was $34, Barry Linder won it and rather than take his $17 he rolled the whole amount over to the October meeting.

On the last Sunday of the month (always last Sunday of September) we held our annual flag retirement ceremony, we burnt 598 flags, the most yet. For perspective, we burnt 307 last year. It was a beautiful fall day. I wish more of our legionnaires would attend these events. Ten honor guard performed the rifle detail and Carolyn played taps. A certificate of appreciation was given to the Morrison Lions Club for their hard work on the U.S. 38 / IL-78 flag replacement project. Following the ceremony we had pie, cake & ice cream at the Post.

Through a lot of hard work by the Senior Vice Commander (Dennis VanZuiden) as the Building Committee Co-Chair working with the fire damage insurance company he was able to get an additional $7,640 for the Post.

Visit to rent the Post. We have a lot of amenities and our rate is very reasonable.

Please remember that we are hosting the Celebration of Life for Past Commander Dale Usterbowski on Sunday the 23rd of October from 1-4 (I think, I may be off an hour on the times). I am sure Nancy and Dale's family would appreciate a visit and a kind word. The Honor Guard will also perform volleys at some point that afternoon.

Our October meeting is on the 10th at 7:00 P.M. There will not be a meal. Maybe a snack to use up some leftover ice cream :)

Hope to see as many of you there as possible.

August 2022

Monthly meeting on the 8th with seventeen members present. It was the third of our four summer cookouts. Travis Lewis had a taco bar and Ken Brainerd had Milk House grown sweet corn. Several canned pickles, homemade salsa as well. Mark Steele brought a sheet cake of brownies (interesting haul on his bike for sure) and Ken Peterson had fresh vegetables from his garden. Mark Steele volunteered for the food for our final cookout in September.

We lost Frank Freas, a 26 year member and an Air Force veteran. 8 members of the Honor Guard performed volleys for the service with two active duty Airman from Scott AFB folding and presenting the flag and the Grandson-In-Law from Virginia (Don Sorah) played taps.

Hope to see you at the monthly meeting on the 12th (for a cookout prior to the meeting) and for our annual Retired Flag Burning on the 25th.

I want to let you know that the Legion (some Post, some Illinois but mostly National) is very slow in regards to data. Have you ever paid your dues and then two weeks later received a notice to pay your dues? That is a small example of what I am speaking of. The Adjutant (Ken Petersen) and I deal with this kind of stuff all the time and try to take extra measures to prevent such. It is really embarrassing when the widow of a deceased Legionnaire receives something in the mail well over two weeks later. Rest assured that isn't a pleasant telephone call to get.

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July 2022

Nine Honor Guard and Carolyn provided honors at St Peter's Lutheran Church for their Independence Day Service.

We lost Legionnaire Larry Wiersema, a thirty two year member. Nine members of the Honor Guard performed military rights. Along with Carolyn performing taps.

Honor Guard performed last rights at the Fulton Marina with 7 present and Carolyn performing taps. Commander Zuidema led the detail and presented the flag. The Carroll County VA Director Wayne Leonard also joined the detail.

17 Legionnaires were at our monthly meeting. It was the second of four cookouts. Ken Brainerd and Travis Lewis volunteered to cook. Ken did all the work, but Travis got a pass since his wife just had their fourth (all boys) child on Wednesday. Mark Steele brought in some excellent brownies (that no doubt his wife made :) Ken Petersen brought in some vegetables from his garden.

It was voted on to take suggestions through the end of September for what to do with the remaining $9,100 of the COVID grant. The money is to be spent on building envelope projects.

NO new projects will be undertaken until the countertop along the west wall is finished.

August meeting is on the 8th with Travis Lewis getting a chance to redeem himself at cooking.

We rent the Post hall as a small venue: $25 an hour. We are currently booked for a rental on the 16th of August with the same outfit (First Mile Development) that rented on the 25th.

Jerry Brearton was awarded the Public Relations/Information Exchange Award at The American Legion Department of Illinois' 103rd Convention held in Springfield IL. The award was presented due to Brearton's continued efforts in keeping the community aware of programs, presence, local activities and promotion of the renovated Post hall rental availability.

Our next major event is the Retired Flag Ceremony at Grove Hill Cemetery on the last Sunday of September (25th)

June 2022

Saturday the 4th at 9 A.M. - flags were recovered from Grove Hill where they had been planted for Memorial Day in record time and volunteers avoided getting wet by the onset of rain

Volunteers for flag retrieval were:

Legionnaires: W. Brackemyer, R Brands, J.W. Brearton, T. Jones, B. Linder, K. Petersen & L. Zuidema

High School Students: Mark Cyphers and Zayden Boonstra along with teacher B. Bartoz

Community: Lyndsay Workman

Sauk Valley Community College Impact Program Volunteers: Anna Blevins, Emma Christin, Carlee Hawkins, Samantha Hamilton, Brooklyn Hall & Ana Hall along with two of their moms.

Jerry Lyndsey wrote a nice article about Memorial Day -

Article about our ribbon cutting -

Four new members recently: Jaz Johnson, Travis Lewis, Austin Brands & Vern Latwesen

The Lions Club left some "gently used" flags that were replaced during the Avenue of Flags drive. They are available at no charge for yourself or others.

Monthly meeting on the 13th with 16 Legionnaires present. We ate pizza in lieu of a cookout due to schedule overcrowding. The Flags were sorted and bundled for next Memorial Day. One volunteer (and her mother) from Sauk Valley IMPACT program assisted. Sarah Wetzell and her mom Christina Wetzell.

Ron Wiebenga is now a Paid up for Life (PUFL) Member.

We lost Bob Landheer, a 35 year member of the Post. Nine participants of the Funeral Detail performed Military Rites along with Taps by Carolyn.

The Honor Guard will fire three volleys for St Peter's Lutheran Church Independence Day Service.

Visit our website often, I can assure you that it isn't static:

Sauk Valley CC Impact Program Volunteer assisted in setting up the Post for photographs for the rental flyer. Sarah Wetzell and her mom Christina Wetzell

On Tuesday the 21st Larry Zuidema, Dennis VanZuiden, Ken Petersen, Bob Brands & Jerry Brearton attended the Whiteside County Board Meeting to find out if our grant request for the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) produced any positive results. The request was very painstaking because we are a nonprofit and we had to emulate a regular business in regards to the quantity of paperwork submitted. We received the amount requested so it was worth the effort!

Word on the street is that Georgia Pacific is low on paper needed to print membership cards. Please be patient.

We are set up to rent out the Post as a small venue for events like birthdays, Jr High graduation, meetings, etc . Visit

May Newsletter

May meeting on the 9th at the Post with 15 Legionnaires present.

Flag planting at Grove Hill on the 21st with twenty-two volunteers present. Eleven were Legionnaires.

Poppy Sales Friday and Saturday. VERY good results.

Legionnaire Ron Wiebenga gave the Post a very generous donation.

Fenton United Methodist Church annual Memorial Day event at the Fenton Cemetery - Had 5 riflemen there and the Sgt-at-Arms.

Ed Murney cleaned the stone tablets at the Veterans Park & Memorial

Memorial Day Parade: Dennis VanZuiden, Amy Johannsen, Bill Brackemyer & Lori Matlack marched with the Colors and Color Guard. Bob Brands, Jerry Brearton & Ken Petersen marched as Sgt-at-Arms and Legionnaires. Bob Brands, Terry Jones, Larry Saling, Jeff Steele, Dennis VanZuiden & Larry Zuidema fired the rifles for the 3-Volley Salute. Amy Johannsen & Lori Matlack placed the wreath. Jim Prombo was the emcee and the guest speaker. Very good turnout at the VFW/American Legion Pavilion.

The Grand Reopening was a great success. The Milk House donated and cooked 170 butterfly pork chops along with baked beans and pasta salad. All was eaten and no one got seconds. Best guess was over two hundred guests. Monetary donations also turned out to be very impressive.

This upcoming Saturday (4th of June) @ 9:00 we will retrieve the flags from Grove Hill Cemetery.

Monthly meeting on the 13th at 7:00 (1900) with a cook out prior (June,July,August,September). Two volunteers needed for the food if interested please contact the Commander at or 499-5245.

Please find the two attached documents. Those were placed on the tables and throughout the Post during our Open House.

We are now an approved Volunteer Partner of Sauk Valley Community College. If you have a child or grandchild in (or soon to be in) high school (doesn't have to be Morrison) and think they may benefit from free tuition encourage them to check out

Our website is:

Our Queen of Hearts Raffle website is:

On Saturday the 2nd of April eight honor guard and Carolyn performed the service for John Reed at Oak Knoll cemetery in Sterling. It was a very cold and snowy day, picture on our website The three rifle volleys were perfect. The following Saturday nine honor guard were up to Grove Hill for Ted Luther's service.

April regular meeting at the Post with 19 present.

Post elections were held with some changes. More to follow on additional correspondence.

Adjutant Ken Petersen rented the Post for his family Easter dinner. Donation only for Post 328 members. Said it worked out real well. For rentals please go to:

These items were completed by the Building Committee: handrails installed in the bathroom, mirror installed in the bathroom, backroom cleaned out and small shelf built for filing cabinet.

New roof project started on the 25th of April.

March Monthly meeting @ 1800 at the Post with fourteen members present. For the most part, the Post is complete on interior self-help and insurance contractor remodel / repairs.

We continue to hear comments like:

  • "I didn't know we were meeting at 6 vice 7" or "I get it confused with my _____ (name it) meeting / organization"

  • "I always forget whether it is a Monday or a Tuesday"

Our webpage: has the Post Schedule on it as a drop-down from the top. Additionally, we voted two years ago to have five meetings in the winter at 6 vice 7 (starting with the Veterans Day dinner). Please note: "Meetings are at: 1800 hours [November through March]; 1900 hours [April through October]"

The 103 birthday of The American Legion was celebrated along with Legionnaire Bob Brands 92nd birthday.

Seventy-two year continuous member John Reed died. John has been a Legionnaire since 1951. His graveside service is Saturday @ 11 in Sterling @ Oak Knoll. Eight (maybe nine) of the color guard will perform the volleys.

The Lions Club will be assembling new flags to conduit poles on the 19th of April @ 1:30 P.M.